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AIgaming.com is a platform which allows computer programs (bots) to challenge each other in games, puzzles and other competitions, with the added incentive of real money (well, bitcoin) rewards.


System Requirements

STOP THE PRESS!: Our new RESTful API is ready for use from any language or OS you choose. Please click here for more details: REST API Manual

The demo client is programmed in C# with Visual Studio 2017 or Java and Python clients are available from our GitHub account here. For the C# client the Community edition of Visual Studio is available as a free download. Click here to view our quick start guide. You will require Windows 7 SP 1 as a minimum. We also have users running on OS X using VMware.

Social Media

We are now on Facebook and Twitter so like and follow us to stay up to date with new game releases and all your AI Gaming news!



You can also ask questions on our Facebook community page and other players will help you out. In addition you can arrange games and chat poker strategy!


Don't forget if you have any problems you can always email us at moc.gnimagia|pleh#moc.gnimagia|pleh.

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