Microsoft Cognitive Services Trial Sign Up

As an alternative to signing up for a trial or student Azure account, you can sign up for access to just the Cognitive Services you will require for the hackathon event (Face and Computer Vision APIs). This gives you a limited number of calls to the services for a 7 day period only, but should be sufficient for the evening. If you prefer to return to the Azure sign up instructions, please click here

To start, please click the following link, and click the green button:


You will see the following screen to select your APIs. We will be signing up for both the Vision APIs, Face and Computer Vision.


Select the Get API Key option by Face and accept the terms and conditions on the following screen. Microsoft then requires you sign in using one of the following services:


Sign in using your preferred service, then choose an option on the next screen to determine if you wish to remain logged in, and close the Welcome screen.

The site will then display your security keys for the Face API, you should copy and paste Key1 into the demo code in the Online Code Editor as described below. Key2 can be ignored for now.


Click "Add >" below Computer Vision in "You might also be interested in", close the Welcome screen and the Computer Vision API keys will be shown.


The two "Key1"s you created through the above process can now be used in the demo code supplied in our Online Code Editor replacing the placeholders:

headers_face = {'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key': 'YOUR-MICROSOFT-FACE-API-KEY-HERE'}
headers_vision = {'Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key': 'YOUR-MICROSOFT-COMPUTER-VISION-API-KEY-HERE'}

As the Cognitive trial uses the default region of westcentralus, please update the URLs in the demo client in the Online Code Editor from westeurope to westcentralus as follows:

face_api_url = ''
face_compare_api_url = ''
ocr_vision_api_url = ''
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