Known Issues

List of Currently Outstanding Issues

Games take a long time to "finish"

UPDATE 04/05/2017: This issue should be fixed, please let us know if you still experience it.

At the end of a game, the server may take from 5-10 seconds to save the game to the DB before a new game can be started. We are working right now to find a workround to reduce this time. In the meantime, you will find that using a fresh bot id will result in reduced saving times, so it is worth creating a new bot id if it is becoming a problem for you.

Demo Client - use of stop button in long timeout game styles

We provide a couple of game styles with artificially long timeouts so that you can put breakpoints in your code or step through it without losing the game by timing out.

There is a known issue where if you are running the demo client and use the Stop Game button, the server waits for the timeout period before informing the clients that the game is over. Therefore you will notice that for the timeout period, the client appears to be hung, and you cannot for example start a new game. With most game styles it wouldn't matter, but if you are using e.g. game style 15 with a 120000 ms timeout, the client will remain hung for two minutes before it can be used again.

We recommend you don't use the Stop Game button for long timeout games, better to go all in and lose the game conventionally!

API: response in XML vs JSON

UPDATE 12/07/2017: This issue should now be fixed. If you experience this issue, please let us know.

If you don't specify an Accept request header or set it to "*/*", the server returns the response in XML. To get a response in JSON, set it to "application/json". C# seems to do this automatically, but if you are using the API from another language or from Postman you may see this issue.

"Transform XML" error when trying to run Visual Studio demo client

UPDATE 24/03/2017: This issue should now be fixed. If you experience this issue, please let us know.

Some users reported getting the following error when trying to build the client in Visual Studio:

The "TransformXML" task could not be loaded from the assembly

It seems that in some cases, the installation of Visual Studio was not completed correctly, specifically the Web folder located at:

c:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft\VisualStudio\v14.0\Web

To rectify, please download the following zip file and replace the Web folder with the contents. This fix is for VS2015 only.

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