Known Issues is a beta site and you should expect the occasional issue (although we do our best!). In particular, the Online Code Editor has only recently been released. If you experience any odd symptoms, please let one of us know on slack or in person. Usually reloading the page will resolve issues. Please take a separate backup of your code by cutting and pasting into Notepad++ or similar at regular intervals.

Use Chrome browser

The majority of our development and testing is carried out in Google's Chrome browser. Although the site appears to work properly in other browsers, we strongly recommend you use Chrome for best results.

You should only play 1 game at a time

Playing multiple games will cause issues with the running of your bots. Playing multiple games in different browser tabs will definitely cause issues with the running of your bots. You should run your bot in one browser, and keep the tab that you run it in the active tab, i.e. don't run and switch to another tab on that browser window.

Cancelling games that are Waiting For Opponent may not handle the balance correctly

When you first start up your game in the Online Code Editor, the Game Viewer will tell you that it is Waiting For Opponent. If you cancel at this point, it may be that we have managed to match you to another opponent in the background, but we have not yet updated this message. In this circumstance you are cancelling a matched game and not a waiting game and so your stake will be awarded to your opponent.

Time limit on waiting for opponent

There is a limit of three minutes to find an opponent (if you specify anyone or a specific opponent). If no appropriate opponent is found within this period, you will receive the message NO_OPPONENT_FOUND, and your stake will be refunded.

Replaying a recent game stops

Occasionally when replaying a recent game, it stops on an early move and will not move to the next move or animate the playing of the game. Clicking the following line in the list will allow you to continue to view the game.

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