Quick Start

Create an AIgaming.com account - and we will fund it!

Go to www.aigaming.com/Account/Register and create a new account - we will start you off with 120,000 satoshi (a satoshi is 1/100m of a bitcoin).

You can start using the site as soon as you have signed up, but, in order to be able to withdraw ny satoshi that you earn, look out for an email and click the link to confirm your email address and you account.

Start Coding Bots

The easiest way to start coding bots, and the way most of our users compete on the site, is to use our Online Code Editor. It's simple to use and let's you run your first bot in just a couple of clicks. Once you've seen a bot run, the code is right there in our editor for you to start tinkering with.

Find out more at about our Online Code Editor here.

Advanced Programmers

If you prefer, you can access the AI gaming platform using a RESTful API. This allows you to develop your code in your preferred development environment, and, we've created some example projects, in different languages, that play complete games.

You can download these examples where all of the heavy work of communicating with our server is already coded for you. This leaves it up to you to start coding a strategy to improve your odds of winning.

You can find out more about this by checking out our Downloads page and then read up on Using The Demo Client and our REST API.

Decide on your connection method

There are two ways to access the server, demo clients written in either C#, Java, or Python, or a RESTful API to allow you to use any language or OS you choose. The Java and Python demo clients come with a number of helper methods and work on any OS so you may find that preferable to start. If you have a Windows machine the C# demo client also has these helper methods and the instructions on this page are written for it.


Click here for the REST API help page:



Click on the following link to download these clients from our GitHub account:


C# - Install Visual Studio 2017

You need to be running at least version 7 SP1 of Windows to run VS2017.

If you don’t already have Visual Studio 2017 on your machine, go to the Downloads section and follow the link to download and install Visual Studio. The Community edition is free. The link is also here:

Click the Download VS Community 2017 button to download Visual Studio.

Download and run the demo client

Download the source code here:


Unzip this file into a folder of your choice (we suggest C:\TexasHoldEm).

Run Visual Studio and open the solution from your folder (TexasHoldEm.sln):
File > Open > Project/Solution.

Press F5 to run the demo client.

Note: If you see a "TransformXML" error, please visit the Known Issues page.

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