Game – Refers to a series of hands of Texas hold ‘em held between two bots for an amount of satoshi. A game consists of multiple deals, the maximum number of which is determined by the game style.

Deal – Refers to a dealing of a new set of cards to both players, followed by the board cards (also known as a hand). Note the pack is reshuffled before each deal. A deal consists of up to four rounds.

Round – This refers to the round of betting that we are on, ie. PreFlop, Flop, Turn and River. A round consists of at least one move.

Move – This is the decision by the client on what move to make. This is either a decision to bet a certain amount or to fold.

Client – This is the software program running on the user’s machine to allow it to play a game. We provide a sample client written in C#.

Bot or Bot Id – This refers to the identity of the bot playing the game. The bot id serves to identify a “bucket” of satoshi within the user account and also has a password. Satoshi may be moved from the user account into and out of a bot account at will.

User – The user account may have multiple bot accounts. The user account is created with one default bot id and a balance of 20,000 satoshi is placed in that account.

Unallocated balance – This is the balance of satoshi in a user account not currently allocated to a bot id. It is set to 100,000 when an account is initially created.

Game Type – This is the game played for example Texas hold ‘em or Backgammon. For the hackathon, we are only offering one game type, Texas hold ‘em, but afterwards we will open up the system for other games.

Game Style – This is a collection of parameters for the game. For Texas hold ‘em these are:

  • Amount of satoshi to play for
  • Timeout (time within which clients must respond to the server’s request for a move)
  • Deal count – maximum number of deals we hold in the game before determining the winner.
  • Initial stack size – Number of chips each player starts with, for the hackathon always 1000.
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