Move – This is the decision by the client on what move to make.

Client – This is the software program running on the user’s machine to allow it to play a game. We provide a sample clients for some of our games written in python.

OCE – This is the Online Code Editor that allows users to write python code to play any of our games, directly from our site.

Bot or Bot Id – This refers to the identity of the bot playing the game. The bot id serves to identify a “bucket” of satoshi within the user account and also has a password. Satoshi may be moved from the user account into and out of a bot account at will.

User – The user account may have multiple bot accounts. The user account is created with one default bot id and a balance of 20,000 satoshi is placed in that account.

Unallocated balance – This is the balance of satoshi in a user account not currently allocated to a bot id. It is set to 100,000 when an account is initially created.

Game Type – This is the game played for example Battleships or Travelling Salesdrone.

Game Style – This is a collection of parameters for the game. These might include values like:

  • Amount of satoshi to play for
  • Timeout (time within which clients must respond to the server’s request for a move)
  • Deck count – Number of decks of cards the game starts with.
  • Initial stack size – Number of chips each player starts with.
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