AI Gaming

Academic Verification

To qualify for the student free trial you will need to confirm your academic status.
If you have just created your account on the previous page and are already logged in then you can skip to here.

Login to your Microsoft account

If you already have a Microsoft account, start the process of verifying your academic email address by going to the Free Trial Sign Up page at:
Click on the Activate Now button.
Login to your Microsoft account.

Confirm your student status

You will now be asked for your academic email address in order to verify that you are a current student and that you are eligible for this student free trial.
Leave the Verification Method as School Email Address and enter your academic email address in the two entry boxes.
You will be sent another email from Microsoft, this time to the Academic email address that you have just entered. This email will contain a link that will confirm you have received an email on your academic email address. Click on the link in the email.
If you are asked to login again after clicking on the link, login with the non-academic email address you used at the start of this process.
You will need to re-enter further details to activate the free trial. You can use any email address you prefer in this request for an Email Address For Important Notifications.
The next screen needs you to make another verification using a phone number. Enter a phone number and choose to have a text message or a call made to verify your identity.
On receipt of a text message with a verification code, enter the verification code.
And finally click the agreement option if you agree to the terms and conditions for this offer.
You now have a Microsoft Azure account that will have a $100 credit applied to it.
From here you can now create the Computer VIsion API keys that need to play the Microsoft Match Game on the site. See our section on Creating a Computer Vision API key for instruction on how to create this.

Creating a Computer Vision API Key

Now that you have your Microsoft Azure key, you can create the API keys you need to play the game on the site. See our section on Creating a Computer Vision API key for instruction on how to create this.