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Create a Student Free Trial Microsoft Azure Account

As a student you can sign up for a Free Trial account on Microsoft Azure and receive $100 worth of free credit. The instructions below explain how to sign up for this Free Trial

Create your free trial Microsoft Azure account

Some of the challenges on our site require a Microsoft Azure account in order for you to create and use Microsoft's Cognitive Services in your solution. Microsoft Cognitive Services provide functions to analyse images, understand text, convert audio to text and more.
Following this process will apply $100 credit to the Microsoft Azure account that you create when you verify that you have an academic email address.
You will need 2 email addresses to complete the process.
  • Your academic email address to verify you are eligible for this student trial
  • A non-academic email address that will become your Azure account email address.
Please make sure that you follow the instructions below carefully to create your account.

Important notes for creating your Student Free Trial Account

You MUST NOT use your academic email address to create the Microsoft Azure Free Trial account!
You will use your academic email address later in the process to verify that you are a current student, but, you should not use your academic email address as you Microsoft Azure account email.

A walkthrough of creating a Student Free Trial Microsoft Azure account

Start the process by going to the Free Trial Sign Up page at:
Click on the Activate Now button to start the process of signing up for an account
Select the "No account? Create one!" link to create a brand new Microsoft Azure account
You must create your Microsoft Azure account with a non-academic email address. Use an alternative email address if you have one, or, create a new email address and use it at this point.
Enter the country your are located in and your date of birth. Clicking the Next button at this point will send a verification email to the email address you used in the first part of this process.
Find the Verify Your Email Address email that has been sent to that address and copy the security code from it
Enter the security code from the Verify Your Email Address email
Answer the human verification question to prove that a human is creating this account.
State if you would like to stay signed in to this Microsoft Azure account to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in.

Confirming your academic status

Now that you have your Microsoft Azure account, you can confirm your academic status to receive the free credit. See our section on Academic Verification for instruction on how to do this.