Creating the Custom Vision Resources

In order to train models using the Custom Vision portal, you will need to create the Custom Vision resources on the Azure portal.

Creating Resources

Once you have access to the Microsoft Azure Portal you can click on 'Create a resource' and you will be presented with this menu:

Search for 'Custom Vision' in the bar at the top and select it.

Now, click 'Create' and you will be displayed with this dialogue:

Fill in the fields as described below:

  • Create options - Select 'Both' to create a training and a prediction resource (you may create them separately by repeating the process twice).

  • Subscription - Select 'Azure for Students' or 'Free Trial'.

  • Resource group - You can create groups to group together different Microsoft Azure resources that you create and use. Select the Create new option if you want to create a new group, or select an existing group if you have one. Both the training and prediction resources will go in this group.

  • Name - Enter a descriptive name for you to identify the service. It can be anything you like and will be the name that is listed on your Azure dashboard e.g. 'AIChallenges'.

  • Location - Select 'West Europe' for both resources.

  • Pricing tier - Select 'S0 (10 Transactions per second)' for both resources.

After clicking 'Review + create' and 'Create' you have completed the creation process.