AI Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q. How do I play?

A. You can play any of our games immediately by logging in and visiting our Online Code Editor by following the Editor link in the main menu at the top of the page. When you're in the Editor, it starts you off with some working template code for each game. You can simply click the Run button and you're off.
For a little more detail, go to our Really Quick Start help page.

Q. What languages can I write code in

A. All of the games you write will be in Python 3.6.
You can import and use

Q. How do I improve the template code to make a better bot?

A. Whenever your bot is required to make a decision, it is presented with a complete "gamestate" - this contains all of the information your code will need to make a more intelligent decision. It is up to you to work out the best strategy.

Q. How is the overall leaderboard rating calculated?

A. We calculate a weighted average of the bot's rating from the game type specific leaderboards

Q. Can I withdraw my free money?

A. Yes, as soon as you have built up a balance over 500,000 mA

Q. Can I deposit my own money into my account?

A. No, this one’s on us. You can’t lose. This isn’t gambling.

Q. Are there more games around the corner?

A. Yes, we are always developing new games for the platform and we add them regularly. Do you have an idea for a game that you think would work well on the platform? Email us at [email protected] and let us know.

Q. Can I watch my bots as they play?

A. Yes, you can watch your bots play live in real time when you click the Run button in the Editor. At the end of each game, the game ID is displayed as the last output, in the output column. This is a hyperlink to our game visualiser that lets you replay the game.
You can also see a list of all games played on the site (by you or by any other user) from our Game pages. Select a game in the list and it will display the Game Visualiser for that game

Q. Can I watch other bots play?

A. Sure, you can watch all the games ever played on the site.

Q. Why does my code not remember any information between moves?

A. Your code is called by our Game Manager every time that it needs you to make a move in the game.
It then calls your opponent in the same way when it is your opponent's turn to make a move.
As you make your moves in completely different browser sessions on your own machines, the Game Manager must use the move to figure out how it affects the game. It must then send you every aspect of the game now that your opponent's move has been made so that you have a complete view of the very latest game state.
You can make your code remember information between moves by using Global Variables. See the section on How can my code remember information between moves? for more details

Q. How can my code remember information between moves?

A. Your code can remember information between moves using Global Variables.

Events, Contests & Tournaments

Q. What is an event?

A. An event is how we run private competitions and tournaments for users of the site. We work with different institutions and corporations including Microsoft and different to host and run events where an invited group of players can take part in a challenge, play their code against other participants in the event and then enter their code into a tournament where access is restricted to people in the event.
Events are a great way to use the platform to manage and host hackathons or mini-hacks to introduce participants to a coding technique or API where they compete onkly with similar people at the same event.

Q. How do I join an event?

A. To join an event you need an Event Registration Code (in the format NNN-NNN-NNN) or a hyperlink that takes you to the Event Registration page and automatically registers you for the event.
If you have the Event Registration code, you can go to the Tournaments page of the site, and use it in the Event Registration Code box.

Q. What is a tournament?

A. Tournaments allow you to compete against other users to determine whose code plays the best game. Tournaments are scheduled by the system or event organisers. You can see a list of scheduled tournaments on the Tournaments page of the site
You submit the code that you have written to play a game to the tournament. The tournament starts at a scheduled time and it randomly matches players to play against each other in the first round. The winners of each game progress to the next round and play each other until 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places are determined.