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Signing Up For Azure


Some of the challenges on our site require a Microsoft Azure account in order for you to use Microsoft's Cognitive Services API. The Cognitive Services API provides functions to analyse images, understand text, convert audio to text and more. For each Microsoft Cognitive API function you want to use, you need to create a resource in your Microsoft Azure account and then get an API key for that resource.
For example, if you want to read text from an image using OCR, you would need an API key from the Computer Vision collection of services.
If you wanted to analyse faces, you would need a different API key for the Face collection of services
The challenges on this site require keys for the following
  • Microsoft Match Game
    • Only one key needed
      • Computer Vision API Key
  • Microsoft Rummy Vision Game
    • Only one key needed
      • Computer Vision API Key
  • Who's Who
    • Two keys needed
      • A Face API key
      • A Computer Vision API key

Creating a Trial Microsoft Azure Account

If you already have a Microsoft Azure account you can use this, otherwise, you can create a trial account in one of two ways:
  1. 1.
    If you are a student, you can use this link below to create a free academic account with $100 of free credit: Visit
  2. 2.
    You can sign up for a free trial with £150 of free credit, however you will need to supply mobile phone information and a credit card, but Microsoft will not charge this unless you upgrade your account to a paid account (please see Microsoft Ts and Cs). Visit

Creating the Computer Vision API keys

Once you have your Azure account, you can follow the instructions to create Computer Vision API keys to use in our template code.